cloud based software test. scalable in time and complexity as you need. consulted by agile engineers.


We offer temporary access to a cloud hosted and highly available Jira with the best of breed test management tools combined with proven blueprints and consulting.
Development with Jira

Jira runs in a cloud infrastructure providing the platform for test engineering tools.

Test Engineering with Zephyr

We tightly integrated Zephyr with Jira for end-to-end testing, real-time testing insights and we offer testing automation integration.


Best practices across a wide range of industries. Not only technical tools but also the experience from years of software quality consulting and implementation are provided in form of Jira configurations through proven blueprints.


GCP, AWS, Azure


AGILE.ENGINEER is for all specialists out there who have a challenging project to master and want to make sure that they use the best in class tools without employing a whole IT department.
Example Project

A proper app development should go through phases like: requirement analysis, design, development and testing, implementation, documentation and evaluation. AGILE.ENGINEER helps without any overhead to support these phases in an uncomplicated and time limited way

  • Development Teams

    Development Teams will receive a reasonable working basis.

  • Product Owner

    The Product Owner monitors the economic success of the product through the platform.

  • Scrum Master

    The Scrum Master is given the opportunity to support the principles of the agile manifesto.

  • Test Engineer


As a German software developer and test manager, quality has been part of my DNA since the first year of my career.

However, I found out that quality is just a part of technological progress, because only in harmony with appropriate innovation can ventures be brought to true success.

With over 15 years of experience in software development and test management with technology leaders and Big4 consultancies, I have developed a tool integration solution that meets the high demands of the tension between quality and innovation.

Product Owner of AGILE.ENGINEER
♦ M. Sc. IT Management
♦ B. Sc. Business Informatics
♦ Product Owner
♦ Scrum Master
♦ … more on LinkedIn
(Not always wearing a suit.)


Here are 3 carefully designed bundles for you. Check all the bundles and choose the right one for you.


This bundle is for all who are not afraid of manuals and are familiar with ticket systems and test management.


  • Development Tool
  • Test Engineering Software
  • Introduction by AGILE ENGINEERs


This bundle is for all urgent projects where there is no time for extensive tool training, but a basic understanding of ticket system workflows and documentation needs.


  • Development Tool
  • Test Engineering Software
  • Proven Blueprints
  • Introduction by AGILE ENGINEERs


This bundle is for managers who avoid the contact to ticket systems and test management.


  • Development Tool
  • Test Engineering Software
  • Proven Blueprints
  • Introduction by AGILE ENGINEERs
  • Consulting by AGILE ENGINEERs